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March 15 2014

Live Demo Custom Microsoft Outlook Web APP 2010 at InterfacePlanet click here— in Baltimore, MD, United States.

February 16 2014

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Features of Custom Microsoft Outlook web app 2013
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Customize Microsoft Outlook web Access

One ways in which to impress your users and management is to customize Microsoft Outlook web Access by using your organization's brand and colours. Customizing Outlook web Access could be a good way to assist build associate identity for your organization into a tool that several users accept.

This topic give data supposed to assist Customize Microsoft Outlook web Access their logon page in order that it fits their organization’s desires. With the help of InterfacePlanet.com OWA customization services, you'll be able to currently turn your concepts into reality.

We design your Company brand with Outlook Web App 2013 web interface at InterfacePlanet.com Visit Here

February 05 2014


Interface Customization services of Interface Planet

Interface Planet offers Customization and design Services for several of the most widely-used Remote Access and Web-based applications. we offer total branding services and lots of add-on customizations for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft product.

Interfaces we have a tendency to work with include Citrix web Interface, Citrix Receiver for web for Cloud Gateway, Citrix NetScaler Access gateway, Microsoft Outlook web App, VMware view Portal, Microsoft Outlook net Access, Microsoft Remote Desktop web Access, Microsoft Threat Management gateway 2010  among others.
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